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With current conditions of COVID-19 the following disclaimers apply:
 - Please do not show up to a ride if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting any flu or

    cold like symptoms.
- If you are uncomfortable in anyway, please refrain from participating in any ride.
- Use social distancing at the start and end of all rides - as much as reasonably possible

The KR (Kenosha Racine) Bike Club is a cycling group located in southeastern Wisconsin dedicated to providing opportunities for riders to meet and ride with others of their own skill level. The club provides and encourages members to utilize educational opportunities to improve their skill levels so that riders at any level may ride safely in groups of their peers. Members also have a voice in southeastern Wisconsin cycling priorities. The public is cordially invited to participate in all rides. Membership is voluntary but all riders are urged to support the club by joining. Club rides are posted on the KR Ride Calendar.




Join the Club!

Why Join the Club?

     If you're starting to really get into cycling, why go at it alone? Our club is available for cyclists looking to improve their bike skills and make friends in the process.

     If you're on the fence about joining, here are four reasons that usually convince you to ditch your hesitation and join the club.


     This one probably tops the list. Our club put together organized group rides weekly or monthly for cyclists of various skill levels. It's the perfect way to discover new routes, new riding buddies, improve your group-riding skills and connect with fellow cyclists in a social setting. You can also learn things from other cyclists like bike-repair tips, workout ideas and other secrets to improve your cycling. In addition to the in-the-saddle camaraderie, our club have social events a few times a year as a way to interact off the bike.

Cycling Events Near You

      It's not just limited to the warmer months, either. We have organized rides in the winter (if you can stand it), indoor spin classes and other events like banquets and educational training are held during the off season to keep members engaged.

Stay Connected

     Being a part of our  club keeps you in touch with the area's cycling scene. We strive to keeping members up to date on cycling-related developments, such as new bike lanes in the area, upcoming events, recent legislation of interest and new members to the club.

Find New Routes

     If you are an avid cyclist, you might be growing tired of taking the same routes. Once you join our club, you can count on exploring new territory with your group. The leaders of the rides will make sure to keep the group on a safe path, but they will also know which paths may be less well known and therefore less crowded. Your group will find new journeys to take on together while you discover a few new spots in the city and out in the country. Every club ride is an opportunity to explore a new adventure on your bike.


Option 1:  Mail copy of the Membership Application form with your check


  •  Print and fill out above application and mail it to the address

                            on the form ALONG with your check

                         (Your application will not be accepted until we receive both the completed form and payment)

Option 2:  Submit Membership Application Online:


Contact the Officers:


Doug Lee  414-312-0205

Vice President:

Brett McDonald 262-770-1409


Dave Paff  847-769-9303


Stan Rosenstiel 262-694-2206

Member at Large:

Krist Pottorff 

Get In Touch


500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158


Every night  6 pm - 1 am

Happy Hour 6 pm - 8 pm

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