Kenosha Racine Bike Club

Let's Go For A Ride

The Kenosha Racine Bike Club is a recreational, social organization dedicated to serving and advocating for the cycling community of southeastern Wisconsin. We wish to provide riders of all abilities and all bike types with opportunities to ride and explore our counties and beyond. The club provides organized, regular rides of varying lengths and varying average ride speeds which are publicized through our social media outlets. We also ensure that each ride has experienced and responsible ride leaders. As a club, we give back to our community through funds earned at our annual club benefit ride. We welcome you to be part of our cycling club and encourage you to ride where it’s cooler by the lake!  

 Serving Southeastern Wisconsin's Bicycling Community

Member's Only Trek Store Discount

Trek Bicycle Store Racine has offered a discount to KR Bike Club members on an annual basis (reviewed and adjusted) January - December.  

In Return the Trek Bicycle Store Racine is asking (to qualify you for the discounts) that the KR Bicycle Club share with them your name and email to be entered into their database.  This information will not be shared with any other source or vendor.  The reason for this is that the Trek Bicycle Store Racine will know that you are a KR Bicycle Club member in good status--yearly paid active membership.  


Disclaimer:  You have 5 days from this email to opt-out of the program.  In opting out, you will not qualify for the discounts through the Trek Bicycle Store Racine and your email will not be shared with the Trek Bicycle Store Racine.  To opt out, please respond to the email you received with this message including in the subject line--Opting Out.  


The Trek Bicycle Store Racine is doing this to support and promote the biking community.  In return they ask that when sharing your rides and fun on social media and that you tag the @trekbicyclestoreracine  or #trekstoreracine And of course, keep the posts in good taste.

Jersey Orders

New orders for club gear are now being accepted. 
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Bicycles are vehicles under WI law and thus you must follow all traffic laws!

Ride responsibly, wear your helmet!

Children under 14 ride must be accompanied by an adult. 

Club Officers

Doug Lee 

Vice President
Mike Callovi

Loretta Baxter

Christy Hoff

Member at Large
Diane Chu

Jenn Seivert

COVID-19 Notice

With current conditions of COVID-19 the following disclaimers apply:

 - Please do not show up to a ride if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting any flu or 

cold-like symptoms.

- If you are uncomfortable in any way, please refrain from participating in any ride.

- Use social distancing at the start and end of all rides - as much as reasonably possible