Club Rides


The Monday night ride, Wednesday on Wheels Ride, and the Thursday Fast Ride will run one more week (9/19, 9/21, and 9/22) starting at 5:30 PM and then we will shut them down officially for the 2022 season.

We will start them back up next spring in 2023. Thanks for participating in these rides!!

** We can't stop you if you and some of your buddies want to do the routes on your own, but the official KRBC evening rides will end for the year.

The Saturday rides will continue until we get ice on the roads. In the Fall and early winter we will try to integrate more trail riding.


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Standing Club Rides

Monday Night

Ride Leader:

Pace: Moderate to face-paced ride with multiple route options: 18+ MPH, 15-18 MPH, and occasionally a third group.

Distance and terrain: 25 to 30 miles over flat to rolling terrain in rural Yorkville, Dover, and Waterford, WI.

Meeting Location: Yorkville United Methodist Church, 17645 Old Yorkville Road, Union Grove, WI 53182 (63rd Drive and Hwy 20). Map to Location

* Park in the south side of the parking lot, away from the church.

Note: There will be no Monday Night Ride on the following holidays Memorial Day (5/30), Fourth of July (7/4), and Labor Day (9/5).

Meeting Time: 6:00 P.M.


Monday Night Training Ride

Ride Leader: Christy Hoff

Together everybody rides faster!

Announcing a new ride with an old model. If you would like to learn to ride in a group at a higher speed, try us out! The ride will NOT be pack style, but echelon or bullet formations (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is). We will be working as a team to get everyone home together.

Average speed this early in the season will be 17-19 mph. Faster riders are welcome, but not for riding off the front. Our goal is 21 mph by September.

Oh, yeah, the ‘old model’ part. In the early years of KR Bike Club some great guys – Gordy Kacala and Chick Veenstra – led Thursday nights out of RecPlex on just this sort of controlled ride. These coaches encouraged everyone to work together. Thanks guys!

Meeting at RecPlex west of the ball diamonds (south side of the grounds). 6pm. 1st and 3rd Mondays.

Tuesday Evening Ride (COMING APRIL/MAY 2022!!)

Ride Leader: Lynn Callovi (262)496-0737 or

Pace: 10 - 14 mph (depends on riders)

Distance: 12 - 20 miles (depends on riders)

Meeting Location: The parking lot at Anderson Park off 22nd Avenue, Kenosha

Meeting Time: 5:30 P.M.

The Tuesday evening ride is for anyone! This route will be mostly on paved roads, but occasionally we will travel on crushed limestone trails. The routes will vary throughout the season. More information will be added as we get closer to April/May. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday On Wheels

Ride Leader: Jenn Seivert

*This is a no-drop ride.

Pace: Made for beginners to veterans who would like a slower pace or to learn to ride with a group. 13-15 MPH

Distance and terrain: 20 -25 miles

Meeting Location: Lot JR East of Carlisle Dog Park at Petrifying Springs Park Map to Location

Meeting Time: 5:30 P.M.


Thursday Night - Fast Ride

Ride Leader: Jeff Seivert and Doug Lee

Chase Group Leaders: Diane Chu, Mary Ellis, and Rick Wadleigh

Pace: There will be two groups of riders. A +19 mph with 30+ MPH sprints group and slightly slower group (16-18 MPH).

Distance and terrain: 23 - 30 miles

Meeting Location: Lot 5, Petrifying Springs Park Map to Location

Meeting Time: 6:00 P.M.


Thursday Night - Fun and Fitness Ride

Ride Leader: Loretta Baxter (414)426-0088 & Claire Weslaski

*This is a no-drop ride.

Pace: The anticipated pace is 10 – 13 mph. If you are a more advanced rider, you may enjoy one of the other KR Bike club rides.

Distance and terrain: 15 - 18 miles depending on the riders.

Meeting Location: The group will meet in the parking lot of the Trek Store located at 5509 Durand Avenue, Racine. The link to the store is below.

Meeting Time: 5:30 P.M.

Saturday Ride

Ride Leader: Doug Lee

*This is a no-drop ride.

Pace: The anticipated average pace is 14-16 mph. If you are a more advanced rider, you may enjoy one of the other KR Bike club rides.

Distance and terrain: Varies on the ride route. See the calendar for ride details. They should be published one month in advance.

Meeting Location: This varies on the ride route that is chosen. See the calendar for details.

Meeting Time: Generally 8:00 A.M., but may be different on special rides. Ride times will be highlighted on the calendar if different.